christmas party


Dear FVO,

How are you? As we near the end of the year, our company is beginning to plan our annual Christmas party. I’m really struggling with creative ideas for this year as I’m keen to move away from our typical dinners and have a memorable party. My dilemma is striking the balance between interesting and enjoyable party concepts whilst maintaining the serious corporate identity of our company. Can you help?

Best Wishes,



Hi Grace,

I’m well thanks and gearing up for end of year events season also! Annual office Christmas parties can be boring especially since you seem to be ‘stuck’ with your colleagues all year round and let’s face it you don’t necessarily get along with everyone!

My suggestion would be to do something fun that will involve the team. Giving back to the community is also a really nice thing to do and brings people together, around the festive period. So, how about sending round the names of 10 children charities and asking everyone to vote on who to donate to. Select the top 3 and ask everyone to bring old toys, clothes and new gifts too! Have them wrap them up nicely as a team. Get everyone on a bus and go to these charities donating the gifts and have an old-fashioned group sing-along singing Christmas carols to the kids, you’ll be surprised how much fun you and the kids will have.

Back at the office have a bartender take the team through mixing their own cocktails and to make the event more fun, the company can hire a band to perform during the party or you could rent a karaoke machine and invite co-workers to sing along to Christmas songs. These are just ideas to create good spirits and a sense of comradery, while not having a typical party. I hope some of my ideas inspire you.


What are you doing to elevate your company Christmas party this year?