A lot of speeches and presentations are bound to occur at corporate events and audiences find monologues boring. They’re no longer willing to sit for an hour while a single speaker drones on. The key to getting and holding their attention is having new things continually happen.


Remember the 10-minute Rule: Most presenters forget attention wanes after about 10 minutes. When creating your presentation, plan to have a strategic change every 10 minutes then use a different medium to present the next segment. Changes can be anything from showing a video clip, asking the audience a question, or telling a relevant story.

Connect the Dots for the Audience: Help your audience understand where you’ve been and where you’re headed. If people can see the flow of your presentation, they will easily follow along. Using transitions such as “The first reason was… Now I’ll address the second reason” will help the flow of your presentation. Transitions such as “What does this mean for us?” or “The one thing to remember is…” will help the audience understand why they should care.

Notice emotions: When you walk into the room, notice the emotional vibe.  Tired? Engaged? Bored? Let yourself be open to experience of their emotions. Arrive early and chat with the audience members. It’s a great gauge of how they are feeling. Additionally, the time of day you are speaking impacts energy. If you know that the group you are speaking to just ate lunch or has been listening to presentations all day, their energy is likely to be low. Match their energy and gradually bring their energy level up!