One major issue with the execution of an event in the corporate world, both in Nigeria and around the world is starting off late. This issue is particularly more prominent in Africa due to the “African time” mentality, which we have deemed acceptable but the reality is that being on time is an expression of respect toward others and yourself because your time is valuable. Latecomers can seriously blow timelines and derail corporate events. If participants are habitually late, it’s time to pause, take stock and re-think your strategy.

Here are steps that you can take before and during events to minimize disruptions due to lateness.

  • Add the word “sharp” to all announcements; in your communiqués, make it clear that you will begin on time.
  • Make the pre-event menu very appealing and include it with the announcement.
  • Kick off special events or conferences with 15 minutes of blockbuster entertainment that participants will not want to miss.
(e.g. Guest Celebrity appearance)
  • Rope off the last few rows or a few tables near the door for latecomers; that way they can slip in without disturbing the other attendees.
  • Validate or provide passes for free parking for all participants who arrive up to 15 minutes before your event.

Sometimes, lateness just can’t be avoided so never make latecomers feel unwelcome or embarrassed. Design corporate events to encourage early arrival and to easily integrate latecomers without disrupting other participants