SHE is a bundle of surprises, albeit nice ones. From her big, almost intimidating afro hairdo to legs, the length of which should probably only be associated with runway models and beauty queens, Funmi Victor-Okigbo is a lady that is bound to always attract several glances.

Believe it or not, her glamorous signature hairstyle isn‘t a fashion statement. ”Some people see me and they think I‘m wearing the hair because I want to make a fashion statement,” she replies, ”Really it is low-maintenance: I wake up in the morning, just run my hands through it and I‘m ready to go. Sometimes when I had to wear straight hair, I found out that I had to thong it every morning and it was really stressful for me. This hair is very easy to manage.”

On any good day, it is very likely that you catch her without any form of make-up. That also has to do with her disaffection with spending time in front of the mirror. ”Most times, I don‘t make up because I don‘t have to start running to the mirror to check myself out,” says Victor-Okigbo.
As she moves around her office, almost with the graceful speed of a gazelle, to confer with one personnel or the other, you instantly notice the obvious: Victor-Okigbo is a restless woman. But would you blame her?

Her work, she declares, requires every little attention she is capable of giving. ”When people place their events in your hands, you have to make sure everything goes right, you have to cover the details,” she says. ”When you call and tell people what to do, you have to check again and again to make sure they are doing it right.”
Having successfully piloted many A-list corporate events, she has made an ineffaceable impression in the industry, though she came on board not too long ago. But she is also not about to regale you with stories of how she is presently living her dream like many people are wont to.”I wish I could say I‘ve been planning events since I was three years old, but no, I kind of stumbled into it. I saw that when I attended events I always was able to pick out something that I thought I could do a little better. I ended up creating the sort of events that I wanted to attend. I felt that I could add value. The rest as they say is history,” she says.

With a clientele base that contains names like Stanbic IBTC, CitiBank, Standard Chartered Bank, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, talk of a woman who goes only for the very top league members. Though she really has no problem with that label, she also argues that it could be the other way round.”Maybe they go for us because they know what we have to offer,” she says. What is more, she also hints that though she is pretty young in the industry, those juicy clients don‘t come straight from the blues. ”Most times it is based on referrals and then a lot of them see what we have done and they call us. Sometimes we had to make a pitch and then they call,” she explains.But the most significant for her, she says, remains the fact that her clients always come back.

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